Hair Stylists

VIDA Spa & Wellness is made up of independent practitioners. Please select a service type below to see them all.

Claire Syhlman

Hair by Claire
(509) 370-8429

Stephanie Luciani

Stephanie Luciani Hair
(509) 209-0162

Tashena Auld

Tashena Auld Bodywork

I specialize in getting my clients out of chronic pain from occupational stress or current life circumstances. I have extensive training in Cupping Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. I offer Facial Rejuvenation Cupping Treatments that enhance our natural facial structures, Cellulite Focused Therapy to release adhesions and sensitivity in those problematic areas to improve not only what is seen above the skin, but to release the anchored tissues that create the orange peel effect deep in the soft tissues. I am a multifaceted therapist who uses manual therapy and tools to increase effectiveness, such as Cupping Therapy, Himalayan Hot Stones, and Scraping/Gua Sha therapy.

(509) 904-9683